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saleues: what game-type threads are there? Oct 5, 2020 13:08:30 GMT
Leilani Sunblade: : There's the Corrupt A Wish Thread, the Have You Ever thread, and a few others. Honestly, I encourage you to just browse and look around until you find something that you think seems interesting. Oct 6, 2020 12:44:20 GMT
saleues: Leilani Sunblade how Oct 7, 2020 15:26:59 GMT *
Goldarrow: Saleues: I would recommend reviewing the titles of chats from the home page ( and then click into whichever one interests you. Oct 8, 2020 15:25:55 GMT
Goldarrow: Congrats @pendragon! I feel it's very fitting for you to be a librarian. :) Oct 8, 2020 15:30:00 GMT
Goldarrow: @leilanisublade, it's good to see familiar faces/names are still around (as well as new ones). I know I practically vanished into thin air when I started college and am glad to see how you (and others) stepped-up to kept the Underground going. 8-) Oct 8, 2020 15:34:23 GMT
Leilani Sunblade: : Ah, that's why you vanished! I wasn't sure if it was college or work, but I figured it was one of those. It's pretty quiet these days, but we're still here! How did college go? Oct 8, 2020 21:29:01 GMT
Ellron Silvertree: MY PEOPLE Oct 21, 2020 2:56:47 GMT
Ellron Silvertree: How I miss you all Oct 21, 2020 2:56:54 GMT
jliessa44: College sucks man lol. But I’m glad to see there are still some of us around. TTATT Nov 30, 2020 23:23:03 GMT
Goldarrow: College can be a struggle... I miss it so much. Keep at it! Always Strong! Dec 14, 2020 4:59:36 GMT
fierfelagund: Good Day Mar 7, 2021 2:19:17 GMT
fierfelagund: I have a question for all you original undergrounders. How much do you think of your time here hanging out with the others? Mar 7, 2021 4:23:46 GMT
fierfelagund: I am RaptorElytra and Dmitri Pentadragons brother Mar 7, 2021 4:24:07 GMT
Goldarrow: Really depends on phases of life (if I am reading a lot) and how often I can see people I met here IRL. I'd say fairly often because the Underground was my social outlet in high school. So when you reflect back on High School memories... kinda similar. Mar 11, 2021 21:59:13 GMT
Goldarrow: Does that answer your question? Mar 11, 2021 21:59:45 GMT
Starsinger: I'd say fairly similar here. Minus the seeing people from here irl, definitely not since I've moved, not that I saw any of your brothers for a while before I left. I do show up here far too often, just because I have it as a bookmark for old time's sake... Mar 12, 2021 3:45:36 GMT
Starsinger: and I have a bad habit of flicking through all my bookmarks when I'm procrastinating, which is a permanent condition for me XD Mar 12, 2021 3:46:09 GMT
fierfelagund: Okay, Thanks Mar 13, 2021 6:34:10 GMT
fierfelagund: That does answer my question Mar 13, 2021 6:34:33 GMT