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This is the shout box. You can chat here if you want, or you can use the chat thread.
Elytra: What you're looking for is the bonus content that CH and WTB wrote Nov 27, 2019 8:49:23 GMT
Elytra: Which I have somewhere on my laptop... Nov 27, 2019 8:49:31 GMT
Dmitri Pendragon: Hi Rose! Welcome to Whitehall! Nov 27, 2019 19:31:34 GMT
Dmitri Pendragon: : Wait, it's actually referring to the oldest post on the Underground? (I never did chase that down in fact…) Nov 27, 2019 19:32:25 GMT *
Leilani Sunblade: : Welcome to Whitehall/the new Underground! Glad to see you found your way here. As Elytra said, the riddle's pointing towards the old site and, specifically, a scavenger-hunt type game that WTB and CH set up when they first released the book Nov 28, 2019 21:11:04 GMT
Leilani Sunblade: Sadly, the game is over, but we still have fun here. :) Nov 28, 2019 21:11:16 GMT
Leilani Sunblade: : Yeah. It was the instructions thread for the ARG, if I recall correctly. Nov 28, 2019 21:11:38 GMT
FireLily: anyone still on here? :/ Jan 30, 2020 14:25:24 GMT
FireLily: If anyone is still active on here, message me and we can start a roleplay :) Jan 30, 2020 14:31:14 GMT
Ellron Silvertree: This place is still my home page for my phone's web browser. I wonder if anyone else still lurks? Feb 23, 2020 20:34:46 GMT
Warrior of Aror: *Lurk* *lurk* Feb 29, 2020 1:37:35 GMT
Warrior of Aror: Let us sit round the hearth and tell stories of the lives we have lived these past moons! I myself have been working at a grand theater telling Bible stories from behind the scenes. Feb 29, 2020 1:44:51 GMT
gamemastergrimwarden: Well this is a throwback. Mar 28, 2020 4:24:31 GMT
Asariah Darkthorne: Throwback is right...nobody's been down here here in the shout box for a month exactly, as of today. Mar 28, 2020 6:14:17 GMT
jliessa44: Ope. My schoolwork got really intense. I hate organic chemistry. Apr 9, 2020 19:01:15 GMT
jliessa44: Hello to everyone new and old. Hopefully I can keep up this time. :) Apr 9, 2020 19:04:25 GMT
grey: Yo, is this forum still alive? Jun 7, 2020 21:15:09 GMT
tdwmacey: WOW. this is still here! throwback!!!!! Jul 12, 2020 23:17:11 GMT
tdwmacey: its been YEARS!!! Jul 12, 2020 23:17:38 GMT
tdwmacey: 12 years?! Jul 12, 2020 23:21:32 GMT